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 Dispatching Services


 The trucking business is a Trillion dollar industry and you have chosen the right business at the right time. 


   Here at MFP Logistics, LLC we want to grow your profit. We are unlike any other dispatching service that you will find. Our main focus is not to be the largest dispatching service, but the most customer focused dispatching service. 


  Our customers enjoy peace of mind, higher profits, and are able to scale their business by adding more trucks. At MFP Logistics we understand the need of our fellow carriers and dispatch your trucks as if they were our own.

 Driver and Dispatcher relationships and communication is our number one priority. Putting in work on both ends, working as a team, and executing with a sense of purpose can be the difference between thousands of dollars per month.


  We truly know the importance of building great relationships. Our Company Drivers and Independent Owner Operators make our company great. We welcome you to our site and hope to build a relationship with you today!!!

We provide two services in order to keep your truck loaded and maximize your profits.


Our traditional Dispatching  in which we find quality loads for your trucking company. We charge 10% of the load and find you the highest paying loads in the area. We dispatch your truck as if it were one of our own!!! 


               Fleet Management 

Offers everything that you will receive from our Dispatching Service & much more. There is a growing demand for Dispatching and management of your Truck and Driver. With this service we will focus on loads, Driver time management, Driver retention, Factoring your loads through your factoring company, all this and more for 12% of the load plus $99/week.


Sign up below to receive timely useful information and our dispatching agreement. 

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Lease on Program


  • 85/15 split after the first three months, 75/25 split during the first three months 

  • Unmatched insurance rates 

  • Monthly insurance incentive

  • Paid weekly by direct deposit  

  • Dispatching Services

  • Mentoring and Consulting Services

  • Compute and Pay International Fuel Tax Agreement quarterly (IFTA)

  • Business bank account and LLC setup help

  • Referral to dedicated Certified Public Accountants specialized in Trucking companies

  • $500 referral bonus

  • Currently leasing on 40' Hotshot's, Flatbed, Step-decks, Dry vans, Reefers, RGNs, etc.


  • Must be at least 23 years of age.

  • Truck and trailer must be in operating and good condition.

  • Good driving record with respect to accidents and traffic violation.

  • Current Class "A" Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

  • No at-fault accidents or speeding tickets in the previous 36 months.

  • No positive drug or alcohol test. 

  • No citations or convictions for Reckless Driving or Careless Endangerment. 

  • Ability to obtain truck title (most banks will issue a copy)

  • Please apply below and allow 2-3 business days to be contacted by one of our friendly recruiters














Contact us today to sign onto our lease program and start earning the money you deserve now. 

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Route Planning

  Since its founding, MFP Logistics LLC

has been one of the most trusted names in the transportation industry.


  Learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve. 

  We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. Clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results. 

   Our team understands that not every carrier can move loads for the same amount of money, because you have expenses that no other carrier may have. Each carrier has expenses that are unique to them alone.

   Our strategic planning specialists will place your truck in the highest demanding states, getting you the loads you want, going to the places you want to go, and paying the money you want to get paid. 


                  Services Offered

  • Certified Public Accountants (Specializing in Trucking)

  • Fleet Management

  • Owner Operator Positions (Lease on Program)

  • Dispatching

  • Consulting

  • Motor Carrier Authority Setup

  • Dispatching & Freight Brokerering 

  • Driver Recruitment

      (We find drivers for your company)

  • Route Planning 





















Welcome to our Team. MFP LOGISTICS

Route Planning
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